Vevey 2023 event

Vevey 2023

A historic event, the testimony to the deep and lasting ties between Poland and Switzerland

For PATH Family Office it is extremely important to initiate and support those events, that continue the rich history of dynamic cultural exchange and mutual support. Which are the testimony to the lasting and deep ties between Poland and Switzerland.

One of the events we are exceptionally proud of, was the concert that took place in May in Vevey, the pearl of the Swiss Riviera, honoring the 110 th anniversary, of the legendary meeting of Ignacy Jan Paderewski and Camille Saint-Saëns, when those two outstanding virtuosos of that period, one could say the stars of the music scene at the time, met to perform together, on two grand pianos, works composed by Saint-Saëns.

Paderewski's life, has taught us that music is not confined to the concert hall. It is a language that shapes our understanding, defines our relationships and gives meaning to our place in the world. He was a testament to the power of art and his life continues to inspire many, reminding us that our passions can truly make a difference in the world.

110 years later, to honor this legendary event, with the participation of remarkable Polish statesman, diplomat, outstanding pianist and composer, Magdalena Lisak and Philippe Giusiano, winners of the 13th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition Fryderyk Chopina, one of the most outstanding pianists of our times, graced us with their recitals of Fryderyk Chopin's works and performed incredibly emotional pieces for two pianos, replicating the 1913 performance.

It was an unforgettable evening celebrating history, collaboration, friendship and outstanding music performances.

For PATH Family Office it was a truly honor, we could partner Polish Embassy in initiating and carrying out this historic event.

Behind the virtuosos Magdalena Lisak and Philippe Giusiano, from left to right, posed all those without whom this year's concert would not take place:
Mrs Giusiano, Piotr Augustyniak, Ewa Paderewska, Iwona Kozłowska (Polish ambassador to Switzerland) with her daughter, Wojciech Jakóbiec, Bartek Bielski, Tomasz Lazarowicz, Olivier-André Gléron and Kinga Romanovska.

© De Jongh archival holdings, Elysee Museum, Lausanne
From left to right behind Ignacy Paderewski and Camille Saint-Saëns: Charles Pilet, Viscount de Faria (Consul of Portugal), Mrs Schelling, Auguste Roussy, Mrs Paderewska, Mr Beaud (Ambassador of France to Switzerland), Eugène Couvreu (Mayor of Vevey) and Ernest Schelling.

Magdalena Lisak and Philippe Giusiano

Iwona Kozłowska (Polish ambassador to Switzerland) Philippe Giusiano, Magdalena Lisak and Piotr Augustyniak (PATH Family Office)

Piotr Augustyniak

Instalacja w ogrodzie Rezydencji 01

Bern 2022

Cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Switzerland

PATH Family Office - Partner of a unique installation „Together” celebrating Polish-Swiss Friendship

The official inauguration of "zäme-ensemble-together-insieme-ensemen" - a spectacular work of art by Philipp Krebs and Paul Reichardt, took place on May 3rd at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Bern. This unique balloon installation will be on display in the garden of the Polish Residence in Bern until August 1, the National Day of Switzerland. The project underlines the decades of friendship between the two countries.
Installations can be viewed live: This amazing work of art was displayed last year in front of the Swiss Embassy in Warsaw under the title "Friendship All Around" ("Przyjaźń na okrągło") to celebrate 100 years of the Swiss diplomatic presence in Poland.
The making of "zäme-ensemble-together-insieme-ensemen" in Bern (30.4.2022):



PATH Family Office (Suisse) SA – partner of the photographic competition "Przyjaźń na okrągło"

In 2021, the Embassy of Switzerland in Poland celebrated the 100th anniversary guided by the motto “Przyjaźń na okrągło”. In this context, the Embassy organized a special photographic competition together with the Polish Clocks and Watches Collectors Club and its partner, the PATH Family Office.



The Embassy of Switzerland in Poland was celebrating its 100th year of existence – PATH Family Office (Suisse) was the main partner of this event.



On September 5th, 2020, the SWISS DOG PARADE was held, presenting the most beautiful champions of all Swiss breeds.

The event was possible with the support of the PATH Family Office (Suisse).