Wealth management

We advise on managing private and business assets of our clients. We help define investor needs, optimise asset management costs and invest in new assets.

We also advise on bank selection and the opening of investor accounts. We define currency allocation and advise on safe and stable deposit placement. As an integral part of asset management, we also offer financial planning. With the introduction of the financial planning service, our Clients can use their funds in a fully informed and successful manner.

Investment banking

We offer comprehensive advice on investment banking. We specialise in all securities market operations (including, among others, securities brokerage as well as design and trading of financial derivatives).

We conduct all money market operations and manage funds - we establish and manage the so-called high-risk funds. For our clients, we prepare comprehensive feasibility studies of broadly-understood investment projects, develop short- and long-term strategies, and conduct corporate restructuring. All the activities proposed by us are a multi-faceted response to current needs of our clients.

Private wealth law

We provide comprehensive advisory services to high-net-worth individuals with regard to sale of business assets, ownership structures and investment in real estate as well as in areas of expertise, including trust funds, foundations, and financial and insurance products.

Our advisory services also apply to increasing the tax security of businesses. Our firm also has experience in designing tax structures for charities and non-profit organizations and deals with tax issues related to the acquisition, storage and sale of cultural assets and works of art.

Concierge services

A comprehensive and personalized service created for the most demanding customers. We offer exclusive specialist assistance. We provide our client with ongoing assistance in all the most important spheres of their professional and private life. Our offer is a response to the ever-changing needs of our client. Range of concierge services offered:


Succession planning

We support our clients in setting up feasible succession planning structures and legal vehicles, with the use of the laws of various jurisdictions. We specialize in family succession planning concerning valuable business assets, such as operating companies and real estate.

(We prepare individualized succession models based on comprehensive intergenerational property transfer services, taking into account all its aspects - legal, tax, economic, business and insurance. We specialize in family succession planning for business assets, such as operating companies and real estate.)

New business ventures

We provide comprehensive consultancy related to raising capital on the financial market. We indicate potential directions of development along with possible legal solutions. We effectively support our clients in obtaining funds from traditional and alternative sources, ensuring legal security and support in achieving new business goals.


PATH Family Office (Suisse) SA has broad experience in performing legal audits, identifying legal risks, advisory in relation to assuring the compliance of internal regulations and agreements with the currently applicable provisions of law and developing and implementing ethical codes and whistleblowing programs.

Family governance

We offer advice on the creation of an individualized Family Constitution that reflects its values, beliefs and current goals, and which defines the principles of running a business and all professional and economic relations between family members.

We help regulate the family order with the help of protocols and strive to ensure the sustainability of the family business through appropriate regulations and legal solutions.


We help in the creation and development of various forms of social activities, thanks to which our clients, both individual and business, can pursue individual philanthropic goals. We offer comprehensive advice, assistance in creating and managing charitable funds, as well as support in creating and managing foundations.


We work with insurance companies in different jurisdictions. We are able to offer tax-compliant insurance solutions for our clients. Our solutions include:

  • Private placement policies (life insurance or annuity plans)
  • Universal life insurance (including premium financing)
  • High death benefit policies
  • Private and personalized pension plans